• Polish Łaciate milk
  • Mokate Cappuccino made in Poland
  • Polish shoes by Cropp
  • Polish fruit juice for children
  • Holzbausteine von B&B
  • Wooden train by Simba
  • Globe by Primus
  • Polish fashion by Cropp
  • Polish Bukowski teddy bear
  • Wooden toy blocks from B&B Poland
  • Polish teddy bear from Axiom
  • Polish pickles
  • Polish doll from Axiom
  • AWM Blanket
  • ColaCao chocolate drink from Poland
  • Coffeine-free coffee made in Poland - Inka
  • Polish fruit mouse for children
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Shopping in Poland

Featured Polish Stores

If you visit Poland, you should take advantage of the great shopping opportunities offered there. Shopping in Poland is really fun, especially if you get familiar international brands cheaper and if you can discover completely new, Polish products. With us you will find appropriate locations.

Shopping centers

With us you will find small and large shopping centers in Poland. These shopping centers offer dozens or even hundreds of shops and supermarkets. In a Polish shopping center you can find fashion shops, drugstores, electronics stores, toy retailers, service providers, restaurants, perfumeries and many other suppliers. There is also a relatively large supermarket. Discover shopping centers in Poland.

Supermarkets & groceries

If you want to buy a lot of different product types in one place, you should visit a Polish supermarket. Supermarkets are more than self-service groceries. They offer not only food, but also cosmetics, household products, clothing, toys, electronics, stationery and more. With us you will find the right supermarket in Poland.

Fashion & clothing stores

Good fashion, jewelery and shoes can be found in Polish fashion shops. Be sure to look for Polish brands, because you get very good value for money. Both ladies and gentlemen will find what they are looking for and can choose jeans, blouses, shirts, jackets, trousers and many other things. With us you will find the right clothing stores in Poland.

Electronics stores

Almost everyone is enthusiastic about the wonders of electronics. Favorable electronics from international and Polish manufacturers can be found in the many electromaries and electronics shops scattered throughout Poland. There you get TV, TV accessories, coffee machines, smartphones, tablets and much more at reasonable prices. With us you can find electronics shops in Poland.

Perfumeries & drugstores

Skin care products and detergents are found in Polish drugstores. Perfumeries, on the other hand, offer primarily fragrances for women and men. No matter which of the shops you choose, it is worth paying attention to Polish products. Creams, lotions, soaps, deodorants and gift sets are particularly interesting when the brands do not exist in their own country. Look around, because with us you will find perfumeries and drugstores in Poland.

Polish markets

The famous Polish markets are among the most popular shopping destinations in Poland. If you visit a Polish market, you will find interesting new products and sometimes used items from different product groups. Logically there are clothes and jewelery, both Polish and Asian. A Polish market also often offers household products, tools, toys, decoration and other interesting things. Food and fresh fruit and vegetables are also offered. Here you will find the next Polish market.